Every participant will receive a Genius certificate for their ambition and participation. Each discipline (Science, Art, Creative Writing, Robotics Business, Short Film, and Music) will be judged and awarded separately. Four tiers of awards and gifts will be given according to the student’s total score within the discipline:

  • Top Grand Gold Award: To the top one project in each category
  • Gold Medal: To top 10 % of the participants. 
  • Silver Medal: To top 90-70% of the participants. 
  • Bronze Medal: To top 70-50% of the participants. 
  • Honorable Mention: To top 50-20% of the participants. A certificate will be given to all Honorable Mention winners.

Electronic gifts will be given for all medal winners, and gifts are subject to change based on the availability and price changes. Students have to pick up their awards during the ceremony. GENIUS Olympiad will not ship any awards. Each student can present only one project and may receive only one award. Awards are given only those who attend the event because the presentation is also part of judging. Those who take part in the preparation of a project but could not attend the event may not get any awards or certificates. 



GENIUS Supervisor Award: The supervisor which consistently participates in GENIUS Olympiad with multiple HIGH-Quality projects over the years.

GENIUS Most Applicant School Award: The school which submits the most number of projects in this year

GENIUS Most Successful School Award: The school which has the most number of SUCESSFULL (based on awards received) of projects in this year

GENIUS Scholarship Certificate: All eligible GENIUS participants may receive SUNY Oswego University Scholarship, totaling up to $10,000, based on the set criteria on the GENIUS Scholarship Certificate, which will be given gold, silver, and bronze winners.

SUNY Oswego Acceptance: Among those who are interviewed, SUNY Oswego will provide conditional acceptance letters. 



Thanks to all of our participants in 2019 GENIUS Olympiad. All participants were selected and deserved recognition. We hope that all students and supervisors went back home with something learned or experienced at GENIUS Olympiad to have a life long impact. 

Here are the awardee lists, which contains names of those who received a medal and a certificate at the Olympiad, including honors.

Dr. Damkaci


All grand gold, silver, and bronze winners in the science category should submit their research to the International Journal of High School Research to get it peer-reviewed and published. For more information to submit:


2019 GENIUS Olympiad Special Awards

2019 GENIUS Olympiad Grand Gold Awards

2019 GENIUS Olympiad Gold Awards

2019 GENIUS Olympiad Silver Awards

2019 GENIUS Olympiad Bronze Awards

2019 GENIUS Olympiad Honors Awards


2018 GENIUS Olympiad Special Awards

2018 GENIUS Olympiad Grand Gold Awards

2018 GENIUS Olympiad Gold Awards

2018 GENIUS Olympiad Silver Awards

2018 GENIUS Olympiad Bronze Awards

2018 GENIUS Olympiad Honors Awards


2017 GENIUS Olympiad Special Awards

2017 GENIUS Olympiad Grand Gold Awards

2017 GENIUS Olympiad Gold Awards

2017 GENIUS Olympiad Silver Awards

2017 GENIUS Olympiad Bronze Awards

2017 GENIUS Olympiad Honors Awards


2016 GENIUS Olympiad Special Awards

2016 GENIUS Olympiad Grand Awards

2016 GENIUS Olympiad Gold Awards

2016 GENIUS Olympiad Silver Awards

2016 GENIUS Olympiad Bronze Awards

2016 GENIUS Olympiad Honors Awards


2015 GENIUS Olympiad Awardee List

2014 GENIUS Olympiad Awardee List 1

2014 GENIUS Olympiad Awardee List 2

2014 GENIUS Olympiad Awardee List 3





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